Friday, August 28, 2009

Miracles do happen!

So for those of you that have been on my crazy ride of life with me know how much I have wanted and how long I have waited for my family to be sealed together!!! Well that day is finally coming. On August 16 2009, I received a letter from the first presidency that the cancellation of my sealing to Brian has finally gone through!!!!!!!!!! I cried the whole way home from the mailbox and then I cried some more. I held my hubby and daughter.....then cried more. (I know, I'm a baby) But for all who know how much of a fight this has been, I'm sure you can see why it is so emotional!

It has been a long road for sure. Chris and I started the process back in January 2007 when we got engaged. Since that time, we have had to deal with court, tons of paperwork, people not doing their part, etc. Our paperwork finally went to Salt Lake at the end of July and then only took three weeks to get back!!!!!! So much sooner than we thought! then we had the decision of when to do it. The date we had already picked was farther out because of the time span of getting the letter back, but it came way sooner!

Well, after thinking things through, we decided that we have fought long and hard for this and deserve to do it the way we wanted to anyway! So we are getting sealed in the San Diego Temple on October 31, 2009!!! We talk about it everyday and are just looking so forward to it!

Thank you to everyone who kept us in their prayers and helped us along the way! Our eternal family loves you more than you could ever know!


Lauren said...

It doesn't get much better than that! Congrats!! I'm so happy for you three :D

Andrea said...

That is soo awesome!! Congratulations, I am so happy for the three of you!

Amber and David said...

YAY!!! I'm SO excited and happy for you guys! News just doesn't get much better than that! =)